We Accept Cash or Check ONLY for Class Fees-NO Charge/Debit Cards

We Prefer NOT to Take Debit or Charge Cards Under $25.00

Please Feel FREE to Bring Whatever Knitting Needles/Hooks YOU Own to Class. You Will NOT have to Buy New Ones IF They Will Work For The Class.


Miss a Class -that’s fine. Please let us know or call in advance.

If 2 sessions are missed in a row and we have not heard from you - your seat will be offered to the next person on the waiting list for that class.

Starting into a class after it has started is permitted, however a make up class (no charge) may have to be taken in order to meet with what your class is doing at that time.

We will always try to work with YOUR schedule. Children of learning ages are always welcome to attend with a paying adult.

Children’s pricing is dependent upon the age of the child. Fees vary.

Need Help? While taking a class with us, you are NEVER limited to the amount of assistance you may ask for.
Come in every day if you need to. There is a Slight Chance You Might Have to Wait a Bit But That rarely Happens on Most Days.

If You are Concerened PLEASE Just Call Ahead!

Someone will always be available to help with whatever the problem is.

It is unfortunate but we have a small fee for those who come in with yarns not   bought at our shop or with “issues” pertaining to a class not taken from us. 

Please Refer to the Class Handout For The "Fine" Print